Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Não sei se é coisa do subconsciente ou mera nostalgia....

I woke up in a dream today
To the cold of the static, and put my cold feet on the floor
Forgot all about yesterday
Remembering I'm pretending to be where I'm not anymore
A little taste of hypocrisy
And I'm left in the wake of the mistake, slow to react
Even though you're so close to me
You're still so distant, and I can't bring you back

It's true
The way I feel
Was promised by your face
The sound of your voice
Painted on my memories
Even if you're not with me
I'm with you

Now I see
Keeping everything inside
Now I see
Even when I close my eyes


No, no matter how far we've come...


There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface
This lack of self-control I fear is never ending
Controlling,I can't seem...

To find myself again
My walls are closing in
Without a sense of confidence, I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take
I've felt this way before
So insecure

Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real

Discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me
Distracting, reacting
Against my will I stand beside my own reflection
It`s haunting how I can't seem...

É....algo assim

Lyrics by Linkin Park