Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy 6 month Anniversary!

So I saw you just walking and talking smart and I wondered... Oh how cute you are;
But I'm almost 17!!;
We changed to a virtual environment and you were still so interesting and smart speaking english to me;
To the cinema we go. And oh my, what we've got here!? It's something special, indeed;
And you go all about space and physics. And I'm giving away guesses about who's the villain and you promise you'll be my eternal fan. I chuckle on the inside and I would have blushed if I could;
Then you went on a quest to find me the universe. I was happy with a single apple with chocolate. And you got it right;
I thought with myself, there are some risks that you have just got to embrace. And I did;
Oh, such a good kisser you are! So soft and lovely;
So... Let's skate then! Gather the rollerblades instead of the toothbrushes;
And I cut your name in half;
And you tell me "Every thing on it's right time." and "It has to be natural". Well I tell you
with lots and lots of love on top;
Always holding my hand;
Always asking me to be serious. And we were laughing together;
And you finally cut my name in half too;
And you made bubbles in my pond. And saved me from a ugly spider;
I know we had to fight against the world. But we're doing pretty well!;
And the times you sang to me all those songs... Ever dream, Sleeping Sun, Pink Floyd, The year of the cat...;
I know we had to say goodbye a few times. But we knew we would be together sooner or later;
We would cry sometimes... Me much more than you, but that's 'cause you're a big, strong boy. And I knew you were trying to be strong for me too;
And your smell...It's like I can feel it by just closing my eyes;
We would party together... on our way... getting drunk with peach JUICE;
But I like being this way sometimes... you know. Making ticles just to hear your laughter and doing you "Uncle Teddy";
But you know I love when you tease me the way you do;
And you would be giving up your burguers for a while and learning how to cook vegetarian food for me;
I hope you can forgive me for whenever I said something stupid at the wrong time;
I hope you believe I'll be yours and only yours forever;
I hope you can just wait for me;
'Cause you know... I love it! I love every single part of your body and soul, and every single thing you do when you're not really paying attention to it, or everything you do when you're really focused;
But there's just so much to say and not enough words to express it;
Happy Anniversary then;

Eu te amo.

1 comment:

sergio said...

in a nutshell, that´s our universe ;
cause maybe the universe in a nutshell woulnd have been enough.
just an apple and a chocolate bar.
happy anniversary.
love ya.